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Our Endemic Eastern Cape Garden

Delightful pictures of our garden will entice you to book our accommodation and to enjoy the tranquility and quietness of this picturesque space.


We are excited about the garden as it matures into the landscape with a major percentage of endemic material combined with understory endemic grasses complimented by exciting shrub and tree selections, depicting a true South African landscape.

If you’re not on the beach or enjoying our natural rivers and wonderful sunshine, there is also time to unwind and relax in our tranquil garden, time to sit and enjoy the space and the butterflies and animal life that permeate the garden together with the varied bird species that are attracted into our garden.
Part of the accommodation experience here is to enjoy our landscape and be completely immersed in the peace and calmness of our space. Book at Hillscapes and we will host you so that this relaxing experience is part of the enjoyment of staying in our establishment.
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